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Author Topic: Misty's Junkyard  (Read 5760 times)
Events Council
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« Reply #30 on: Dec 30, 2008, 04:02 PM »

YPP New Year's Celebration

Quote from: Artemis
We will be kicking off 2009 with a familiar drinking tournament toast set to start at 12:00am on January 1st.

Join us through the rest of January as we give away a familiar in an event every day!! That's a total of 31 familiars per ocean and 186 familiars total across all oceans! Events will mostly consist of tournaments, competitions and races - more details and a schedule will be posted shortly!
Events Council
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« Reply #31 on: Dec 30, 2008, 04:09 PM »

New Year's Resolution of Black Sam Rogers

What: A Writing contest.  Submit 500-1500 words detailing the New Year's Resolution of Black Sam Rogers and his trials sticking to it as a series of journal entries.

Deadline:  11:59:59 pm Pirate Time,  January 18th, 2009.

Entries: Include your pirate name, ocean, entry, prize order preference, and gender for clothes.  Entries must be in English and appropriate for the forums.  Limit one entry per player.

* A Tan Monkey (New Year's Resolutions may traditionally be about getting the monkey off yer back, but let's face it, most pirates would prefer to put one on)
* An Ancient Calendar
* Champagne Bottlenose, a renamed sloop
* A Complete Outfit, to commemorate all those landlubbers whose resolutions centre around weight and might need a new wardrobe.  A muffin hat, buccaneer jacket, long dress and fancy boots for ladies.  A tricorne, swashbuckler's jacket, pair o' pants, and fancy boots for men.  Colours of yer choosing except for black, gold, Atlantean or indigo.  Please specify colours and whether ye would like ladies' or men's clothes in yer entry post, otherwise I will go by the portrait on yer pirate page, if there isn't one ye takes yer chances! Mwah ha ha!
* Pirate Flag (regular furniture item)
* Choice of Black or Gold Starfish
* Silver Starfish (well, okay it's actually Grey, but we can pretend!)
* White Starfish
* Sand Dollar

Event hosted by Whedonella.
Events Council
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« Reply #32 on: Jan 13, 2009, 02:29 PM »

Piratey Cookies

Quote from: Thalia
Bake piratey cookies, take pictures of your creations and post them in the entry thread. The term "piratey cookies" pretty much defines the two main aspects of what your entries should look like. Everything else is only limited by your imagination. Recipe, shape and decorations are up to you. Be creative!

Entries may be posted until 11:59 PM on January 31st.

Bake piratey cookies. Take pictures (a card with your pirate name and ocean on it must be visible in each picture): two of the work in progress and one of the finished cookie. Post these images in the entry thread together with the information listed below:

Entries need to be posted in the entry thread and include the following:

  • Pirate name
  • Ocean
  • At least three photos : Two of the work in progress and one of the finished cookie. A card with your pirate name and ocean on it needs to be visible in each picture. (You may post a thumbnail of 150x150 directly. Please provide links to any images larger than that.)
  • The recipe: A short list of ingredients and other materials you used. (Decorations, etc.)


  • There can never be too many cookies. You may post up to 5 cookies and each cookie will count as a separate entry. You can only win one prize though. If you post more than one cookie, please do not create new posts. Instead, include all of your cookies in one post.
  • Entries need to be actual cookies. No cakes, pies, gingerbread ships houses or other complex structures. Cookies are normally flat and no larger than a standard plate. There is no set limit in inches or centimeters, but if your cookie looks more like a cake than a cookie you might lose points.
  • Entries need to be fully edible. You're of course welcome to decorate your cookies with chocolate, icing, food colors, nuts, almonds, etc. But everything you use has to be edible and commonly found on a cookie. Please ask in this thread, if you're unsure about a certain material.
  • Only entries posted in the entry thread will be regarded as valid.
  • Entry posts may be edited until the deadline. Entry posts edited after the deadline will be disqualified.
  • Entries need to be your own work. Anyone posting someone else's work as their own will be disqualified and defnitely not get any cookies.

I'm looking for piratey cookies. First of all your entry needs to be a cookie. After the cookieness is established, I'll take a look at how piratey that cookie is and how yummy and appealing it looks. How much effort, thought and creativity was put into the creation of the entry will also play a role.

I'm planning to award at least one Thalia doll, but might give out more, if there are too many yummy entries to decide. Additional prizes will also be awarded and may include Thalia eggs, trinkets, furniture, clothes and other more or less cookie related goodies.
Events Council
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« Reply #33 on: Jan 13, 2009, 02:34 PM »

A Piratey Lust for Cephalopod: Menage a Trois, the Saucy Version

Quote from: Sweetiepiepi
As Valentine's Day rapidly approaches, after reading the lovely stories about Sexylopod that so fired my imagination a year or more ago and pining wistfully over some images encapsulating my dream, I have resolved it is finally time to take action and win my way into the heart (or at least the seabed) of the Cephalopod of my dreams. If it's true that the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then surely it can only be even more true for a cephalopod that is nearly nothing *but* stomach!

Your Task

Help me set the table for my seduction and/or plan a menu to charm my way into his seabed.

Prizes will be awarded in two independent categories, Table Setting and A Seductive Menu. You may enter either or both categories. Pirates who enter both categories will receive a bonus 2 points in each category as long as they place the entry for both competitions in the same forum post.

Table Setting Category:
- To enter, prepare a table setting designed to seduce the object of my lusty aspirations.
- You must post a photograph of your table setting.
- You may include food in the photograph if you wish, but the judging for this category is based on the table setting itself.
- The photograph must include your pirate's name on it somewhere on the table.
- I will not deduct points for poor photography - but I do need to be able to see what you've done in order to judge it.
- You are not required to use an actual table, just a venue where two people (or cephalopods) may share a meal together.
- Scoring: 30 points total: 10 points for technique (Is the cutlery in the right place? Does it look like you deliberately placed the wineglass there, or is it haphazard?), 10 points for creativity, and 10 points for seduction value and beauty. A 2 point bonus will be awarded to anyone who also enters a menu in the A Seductive Menu competition.

A Seductive Menu Category:
- To enter, select for me a delectable menu which will help me seduce Caphalopod, and describe it in mouth-watering detail.
- Your menu must include at least one sauce.
- Scoring: 30 points total: 10 points for the yumminess of what you choose to serve, 10 points for creativity, and 10 points for how delectably you describe your menu choices. A 2 point bonus will be awarded to anyone who also enters a menu in the Table Setting competition.
- Automatic disqualification for anyone who puts any type of cephalopod *on* the menu! After all, it won't do my piratey lust much good if I get to his heart through his stomach with a fork in my hand. (For those of you who are weak on biology, that means no squid, no octopus, no cuttlefish, no calamari!).

Honourable mention prizes will be awarded to deserving entries that didn't win.

First place: An engagement set (uninscribed gemstone ring and wedding band) and a commemorative scroll on any ocean.
Honourable Mentions: 5,000 poe and a commemorative greeting card on any ocean
(Note: If the palace stops selling the trinkets before the winners are selected, a comparable prize will be awarded.)

Contest closes at 11:59 pm piratey time on February 9th.

How to enter:
- Post your entries below.
- Include the name of the pirate and the ocean where you would like to receive your prize if you win.
- Do not edit your entry after the deadline!
Events Council
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« Reply #34 on: Jan 25, 2009, 02:06 AM »

Puzzle Pirates Weekly Valentine's Edition

What:  Provide one example of an item that might be published in a magazine dedicated to pirates at Valentine's Day.  Examples include articles, editorials, letters, puzzles, ads, etc.  (See Apollo's post for a longer list.)

Deadline: 11:59 pm game time on Friday 13th February 2009.

The Prize Flapper Package
A parrot in gorgeous hues (magenta and rose), and a fancy ribbon to match.

The Heart Is Where The Home Is Package
A romantic cottage of your own, with interior design and furniture lovingly dictated by Cleaning Lady Doris on the theme of Valentine's Day.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words Package
A pair of matching Valentine's-themed outfits for a special couple and a two-person Valentine's portrait to commemorate the occasion.

The Love Boat Package
A dreamy ocean-worthy vessel; the ultimate romantic baghlah, painted and furnished with impeccable taste.8

Other Deliciousness
Other prizes as appropriate! There may be pink involved, I think it's only fair to warn you.

-- Post entries in the Entry Thread linked here. Entries posted in this discussion thread or anywhere else will be ignored. Publishing has no mercy.
-- Include your pirate name and ocean in your post (or in your signature) so that we know who you are.
-- Tell us what kind of publication item you have submitted (e.g. one of the types listed above as examples).
-- Include your prize preference order of the packages listed above. If you don't specify, we will assume the order given here.
-- Your entry! If you are including artwork, anything up to 600 x 600 pixels is fine (in .png or .jpg format) to be added as an image to the file. If it's larger than that, though, please link to the image hosted elsewhere.
-- Additional entry information if required (e.g. links to real-life item pictures (see below), acknowledgements for use of existing material if appropriate)
-- Only one entry per player

Event organized by Apollo.
Events Council
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« Reply #35 on: Feb 10, 2009, 06:13 PM »

Valentine's Ship Shindig

Quote from: Glaucus
Do you hate Hallmark holidays? Are you without a wuvvy snuggle-snookums this Valentine's season? Maybe you just need something to do before you go out on the town?

In honor of the heart-filled holiday, this Saturday we're excited to bring you some suitably sweet diversions with a chance of twisted bitterness. You can look forward to seeing a few extra treats on the tournament boards, as well as all-day whisks to portrait ships featuring varying degrees of lovey-doveyness.

Even if you're not interested in having your portrait painted, you're still welcome aboard the portrait ships to chat or hang out. Throughout the day, a few of the OMs will be hopping from ship to ship and ocean to ocean with some special activities and games of their own. You may even walk away with a prize.

Events Council
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« Reply #36 on: Feb 10, 2009, 06:16 PM »

Sunshine for Apollo

What: Create something to distract, amuse, or entertain Apollo while he recovers from surgery.  Enter as many times as you like.

Deadline: February 17

Prizes: Avatar by Chiichan, Darkfaery, Holography, Kingpriam, Phillite, or Tikolana

Event organized by Feylind.
Events Council
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« Reply #37 on: Feb 10, 2009, 06:28 PM »

Blockade Navigation Challenge

The deadline for entry is 11:59 PM on February 15, 2009!

b]What:[/b] In each of 6 scenarios, you control the blue ships on the blockade board.  Your job is to figure out what moves you would enter for the next turn.  Your moves will be compared to a set of moves for the enemy ships.

Scoring: Judging will be based on a point system. Your score will be the sum of all 6 scenarios.
Each point controlled by you: +2
Contested points: +0
Each point controlled by the enemy: -2
Each move token you use: -0.5
Each cannonball that hits the enemy: +1 (+0.5 for friendly fire)
Each cannonball that hits you : -1 (-0.5 for friendly fire)
Rock rams: +0.5 if enemy rams, -0.5 if you ram
Using more than 80 cannonballs in your entry: -10

This competition is open to everyone on any ocean. In the event of a tie, the prizes will be split.

1st place - 168 doubloons (4 month coinscription)
2nd place - 84 doubloons (2 month coinscription)
3rd place - 42 doubloons (1 month coinscription)

See the link above for full details.

I encourage everyone to give this a try.  It's a great navigation exercise, even if you don't win.  We discuss in-flag solutions after the event!

Event organized by vnork.

Senior Officers
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« Reply #38 on: Feb 11, 2009, 10:33 AM »

To guess at the red-ship movements, keep this in mind:

Quote from: vnork
More generally though, I've asked Dalnoth from Hunter, Flar from Viridian, Skymike and Shyne from Sage, Kenchio from Virid+Hunter, and Sweetiepiepi from Midnight (+ Malachite?) to provide the moves.

Granted, it doesn't help much if you've never been on a ship with any of these people.  But if you have, and if you've paid attention to how they drive in multi-ship environments, then you should have a significant advantage over others.
Posts: 953

« Reply #39 on: Feb 20, 2009, 06:37 PM »

dunno if anyone can post an ocean-wide event here, but m3 asked to pitch it to me / the flag, and i, being lazy, thought this was the best way.
Adventures in Scrapbooking: Here There Be Monsters!
This is a forum-based artistic event that will be judged from entrant-submitted artwork scans or photographs. You will be creating a two-page scrapbook spread (two facing pages) based on the theme "Here There Be Monsters!" from the perspective of your y!pp pirate. There are not many rules or restrictions, and Fey and M3 cannot wait to see what you arr-tists come up with!

Who: Individual Pirates on Any Ocean, 1 entry per player
What: create a scrapbook spread and scan entry or take photos; submit scans or photos for a chance to win nifty prizes
When: 20 Feb - 9 March
Where: via forum post in the entry thread in Mariner's Muse

What do I do?
-- Make 2 facing scrapbook pages to look like they came from your Y!PP pirate's scrapbook.
-- The theme for the pages must be "Here There Be Monsters." You may interpret that theme however you like.
-- Each page must be 12"x12". Nothing should be hanging off the edges of the pages.


Prize List:

Baby Kraken (Violet Octopus)
Baby Archelon (Sleeping Turtle Furniture)
Roc Feather (Parrot Feather Trinket - violet with green tip)
Renamed Sloop: Monstrous Album
Violet Rose Trinket (inscribed)
Sea Monster Jaw (Shark Jaws Furniture)
Violet Starfish Trinket
Scrapbooking Furniture Package (table, plain chair, notebooks, spools, ship plans, small painting)
Falchion (purple/green)
Artist's Outfit in Male or Female (in violet and green, either f: muffin hat, apron, flares, boots; or m: musketeer hat, apron, pair o' pants, boots)

see link for more info, i only snipped the rules and such because they are a tad long

just dotte
Senior Officer
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« Reply #40 on: Feb 26, 2009, 03:14 PM »

Leftovers from the January competition plans, aka 'how Fannon can win Vistr a parrot':

February 27th: 10pm Gunning Competition (maroon octopus)
February 28th: 12am Gunning Competition (yellow/red parrot)
March 1st: 5pm Foraging Competition (brown monkey)
Senior Officers
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« Reply #41 on: Feb 26, 2009, 07:21 PM »

Only if she wins me the maroon octo?  :-P
Senior Officer
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« Reply #42 on: Feb 26, 2009, 09:40 PM »

Glarification: 2nd gunnery is at noon game time.
Events Council
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« Reply #43 on: May 17, 2009, 02:59 PM »

Monthly Familiar Competitions

What: Monthly puzzle competitions with a colour familiar as the grand prize.  You may also notice impromptu and unannounced tan familiar competitions coming to an ocean near you!

    * All times are listed in Pacific Time
    * Times listed are when the competitions will start, not when they first appear on the tournament board.

May Familiar Competitions: Multiple May-hem Edition

Date: Saturday, May 15th
Time: 8:00 PM

Puzzles: Carpentry, Shipwrightery
Familiar: Copper Monkey for Overall

Date: Tuesday, May 18th
Time: 2:00 PM

Puzzles: Navigation, Alchemistry
Familiar: Lemon Octopus for Overall

Date: Sunday, May 23rd
Time: 11:00pm

Puzzles: Rigging, Blacksmithing
Familiar: Lime/Yellow Parrot for Overall

Date: Sunday, May 30th
Time: 8:00 AM

Puzzles: Gunning, Distilling, Sailing, Bilge, Weaving
Familiar: Orange Monkey for Overall
« Last Edit: May 11, 2010, 01:48 PM by Events » Logged
Events Council
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« Reply #44 on: Jun 16, 2009, 02:05 PM »

Take Your Pirate to Work Day

What: Write a story (limited to 1,000 words) about your pirate's adventures in the real world as (s)he goes to work or school with you for one day.

Deadline: Saturday June 27th at 11:59:59PM

Zookeeper's Prize - Peach Octopus
Chef's Prize - Salad Bowl (Ancient Pottery artifact furniture)
Naval Officer's Prize - Awesome Jobfish (renamed sloop)
Beautician's Prize - Peach comb trinket
Florist's Prize - Peach daisies trinket
Programmer's Prize - Y!PP Mousepad
Accountant's Prize - furniture package (Fancy desk, fancy chair, notebooks, scroll)
Seamstress' Prize - pirate flag furniture
Bartender's Prize - peach stein

Entry details and judging criteria are given in the main event post.

Event organized by BlackBeth (Feylind).
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